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Project Description

This project support 8 pay-free database server.
1.Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
2.IBM DB2 9.5.2 Express-C
3.Oracle 10g Express Edition
4.Sun MySQL 5.1.30 Community Edition
5.Sybase SQL Anywhere 11 Developer Edition
6.PostgreSQL 8.3.5-2
7.SQLite 3
8.Firebird 2.1.1

You can't use adavanced function of any database. It just provide a proxy server that in 3-tier architure system and basic function of ADO .Net that base ADO .Net support.

Now I just implement some simple AOD .Net interface and provide some simple function to users. I will perfect it gradually.
1. Implenment all ADO .Net base class and just support SQL Server 2008 Express Edition;
2. Let Db Proxy server be compatible to other database;
3. Add gateway function that it can refuse some ip address;
4. Let it can proxy serverl database simulantously;
5. Let it integrate in Visual Studio;
6. Provide some monitor and access UI program to facility users to manage this server.
7. Provide transform program that transform user's program that use other database's ADO .Net to the program that use our ADO .Net API.

Now this project is in the first step.

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